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We supply the necessary consultation in order to determine the right solutions for your each and every need.

Web Development

Website is of utmost importance to showcase your business/platform and is imperative to connect with your clients and to drive sales. We in turn, assure web development services that will provide you with a personalized web platform with clean and responsive UI/UX.

Web Design

We aim to deliver a personalized and responsive UI/UX design that will ensure a cleaner design that leads to clearer focus of your business needs and also better branding.

Custom Web Application

We know. Requirements changes. We promise to listen and provide you with a solution based on your demands and specification.

Mobile Development

One(solution) For All(screen sizes). Responsive web development is an approach to develop websites that fits multiple screen sizes. Us bears will strive to give you a clean and responsive web application that will guarantee both desktop as well as mobile traffic.

Maintenance & Bug Fixing

We will keep in touch and provide you with the latest update and maintenance services for your application to ensure your solution is running 24/7.

Copy Writing

Bears can write. We will help create a distinct and clear message to your visitors, saving you from the time consuming work of thinking about your content.

About Us

Find out how the bears came to be.

  • May 2015

    Humble Bear-ginnings

    We're just a bunch of passionate web developers and also marketers that just graduated with hopes and dreams of improving our skillsets and bearing (no pun intended) a fun filled web development career.

  • Dec 2015

    Beary Good Idea! (Bearhands)

    One random idea came to us during a coffee session. "Why don't we try to make web solutions easier for EVERYONE?" One thing led to another and Bearhands was born!

  • Feb 2016

    The Making of Bearhands

    Found our focus, and was busy setting up our necessary foundation. Bearcave initialized and ready to help You!

  • 2016 - Now

    What Fur Now?

    We're Ready! More than half of Malaysia's businesses have yet to come up with a web solution. We are all ears and ready to pawvide you with the solution and strategy that you need!

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